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The Girasol

07/28/2011 00:50

 Word of the day today is Girasol.   First off, it's the Spanish word for sunflower.   But it is also a coffeemaker, a 'baby sling' or something like that (what do I know?)... and most interestingly, a type of Opal gemstone.   The Girasol has been known since the time of the Romans - it is mentioned my Pliny as a type of Opal that has a 'play of light' effect.   The actual stone is milky or translucent, pale. but when the sun or bright light hits it, it gives off sparkles of rainbow hue, something like the 'fire' of a diamond only perhaps not as bright.    Apparently even in Roman times fakes of the Girasol existed, made from blobs of glass, and the way to tell these from the real thing was to turn the stone in sunlight to see the sparkles, hence the name "Gira-sol", which means "turning sun".

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