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12/27/2011 16:21


I'm just raving about the new online encyclopedia Maximapedia.. check it out!    There are "only" 36,000 pages at the moment (compared to Wikipedia's gazillion) but there's something smooth about Maximapedia.  It seems crazy that anyone would want to enter a space (i.e. the online...
07/28/2011 00:50

The Girasol

 Word of the day today is Girasol.   First off, it's the Spanish word for sunflower.   But it is also a coffeemaker, a 'baby sling' or something like that (what do I know?)... and most interestingly, a type of Opal gemstone.   The Girasol has been known since the time of the...
07/28/2011 00:47

Burning man sells out for the first time ever

 It's that time of year again. In the UK they have a 'silly season'. In the Western USA they have burning man. For the first time ever, it sold out of tickets. Apparently they had to cap it owing to permits / land use issues or something.   A lot of people who normally go, cannot get...
06/09/2011 03:52

The Catuaba mystery

 I read an amusing account of a so-called "aphrodisiac herb" today - catuaba It comes from the bark of a Brazilian tree.. and there are all these legends about it.  The most amusing is the saying "Before a man is sixty, the child belongs to him. After sixty, the child is Catuabas." It...
04/01/2011 13:20

First blog

Greeting all. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.
04/01/2011 04:24

Monbiot sells out

 So it turns out that Monbiot, who has for a long time been an opponent of nuclear power in the UK, has done some kind of a turnaround and is now saying that it is not so bad after all.    The real subtext of all this seems to be that it's considered the "least of the evils" -...

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